Pembroke Central Alumni Hall of Fame Bylaws

DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to make sure this copy of the bylaws, displayed on the web, is current, please note that the bylaws may be amended at any time. Check with the Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson for a current copy.

(Bylaws current as of June 2014)

Article I: NAME

The name of this organization shall be the PEMBROKE CENTRAL ALUMNI HALL OF FAME SELECTION COMMITTEE.


The Pembroke Central Alumni Hall of Fame Selection Committee (the Committee) exists to: annually recognize outstanding Pembroke alumni who have achieved distinction in their lives and chosen field after high school through significant contributions to their career, community or through personal achievements; to provide an incentive for current and future students.


The Hall of Fame was founded in 2006 as a function of the administration of the school district.


The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be comprised of six alumni with alumni representing at least four distinct decades, four current or retired faculty members (at least one retiree), and the High School Principal or his/her designee. The Committee will solicit new members to serve as needed; and each new member will be approved by a majority vote of the members of the committee present and voting. Any HOF Committee Member, missing two (2) meetings (either in person or via tele-conference), will be removed from the Committee, by quorum vote of the remaining Committee Members. Acceptable reasons for any Committee Member missing a meeting are: personal illness; family emergency (sickness, death, out-of-state travel); and/or, work related business travel which cannot be scheduled around the HOF Committee Meeting schedule.


New committee members will be selected during the calendar year prior to the beginning of their terms. Should a committee member be unable to complete his/her term, a new member will be nominated and approved as outlined in Article IV. All other members shall serve three calendar-year terms. To provide for smooth transition of membership, the first group of alumni members will have two two-year terms, two three-year terms, and two four-year terms. In much the same manner, two faculty members will serve two-year terms, one will serve a three-year term, and one will serve a four-year term. Members are precluded from serving consecutive terms.



There shall be a chairperson, assistant chairperson, and a treasurer. Officers shall be selected from the committee membership at the first meeting each calendar year. Additional officers will be selected as needed. Minutes will be assigned on a rotating basis.


The chairperson shall preside at all meetings and with the assistant chairperson coordinate all induction activities. The chairperson and assistant chairperson will also formalize meeting agendas and distribute them to committee members in a timely fashion.

The assistant chairperson shall act in the absence of the chairperson.

The treasurer shall oversee all financial matters of the committee.

It shall be the duty of the committee to verify information and check references on nominees to the Hall of Fame.


The committee shall establish its meeting schedule. The committee will establish agendas for subsequent meetings.

Article IX: QUORUM

A simple majority of the committee shall constitute a quorum. All votes of the committee shall be carried by a majority of the members present and voting unless specified otherwise elsewhere in the by-laws.


[1] Nominees to the Pembroke Central School Alumni Hall of Fame shall be selected based upon the following criteria:

a.) Nominees must be graduates of Pembroke or one of its predecessors, or have been active in school classes and activities during their senior year. Students failing to graduate from Pembroke  because of dropping out or being expelled are specifically excluded from being nominated. Nominees who left school while in good standing to perform military service shall be eligible.

b.) Nominees are first eligible for selection fifteen (15) calendar years following their class's graduation.

c.) Selection is based on achievement after leaving Pembroke which shall include a worthy record in more than one and exemplary achievement in at least one of the following:

1.) Job-related achievements;

2.) Professional honors and awards, professional affiliations, publications;

3.) Civic or community involvement;

4.) Personal achievements/accomplishment;

5.) Positive impact on the communities in the Pembroke school district;

6.) Other appropriate qualifications which the committee believes merit consideration.


[1] The committee shall solicit nominees from the community at large. Anyone may submit a nomination for any person meeting the minimal eligibility criteria (a,b, and c above). Every person nominated shall be eligible for a period of three years. Individuals may be re-nominated at any time, with each new nomination starting a new three-year eligibility period.

[2] The committee shall select a maximum of four (4) nominees for induction yearly, except for the inaugural class which may be of any size.

[3] The committee shall annually evaluate all nominees and rate them against the Article X selection criteria using a scaled rubric. The nominees receiving the highest total rating, AND receiving at least 75% of the highest possible number of rating points, shall be selected for induction, subject to the limit specified in [2] above.


The induction ceremony shall be held annually at a time and place deemed appropriate by the committee. The Pembroke Alumni Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall establish a program and see to all necessary details of the induction ceremony.


The bylaws shall be amended by a 70 percent majority of the committee membership. All suggested amendments to the bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the membership in advance of any vote.


The committee reserves the right to remove a member from the Hall of Fame based on a 75 percent vote of the committee members. Removal is a serious action and should only be considered as a last resort in cases of conviction for a felony crime or other egregious conduct reflecting poorly on Pembroke Central School district.

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