Role of the School Counselor

The Role of the Professional School Counselor:

The role of the school counselor is diverse and integral to the educational process. In Pembroke Central School District school counselors work in all three buildings helping to support students in all aspects of growth and development.

Major Responsibilities:


Counseling: Counseling refers to short-term individual and small group meetings that are focused on a specific topic and have a goal for affecting change. Counseling focuses on the academic, personal/social, and career development domains.


Consultation: Consultation refers to the process of collaboration with other stakeholders to ensure that the student receives everything that is needed for success academically, socially/emotionally, and in his/her planning for the future. Counselors are constantly collaborating with teachers, support staff, school administrators, parents, and community members.


Coordination: The professional school counselor works every day to coordinate all the educational services for his/her students to insure that every child receives the necessary services and support. Counselors coordinate school-wide prevention activities, special education services, college planning and visits, meetings with parents, teachers, and administrators, students services with outside agencies, such as PINS, Probation, CPS, Mental Health, Chemical Dependency Evaluations, etc. Counselors are aware of all aspects of a students developmental needs and work to coordinate the needed services.


Curriculum: The curriculum implemented by school counselors involve instruction on topics that support positive social/emotional development and career development and occupational studies (CDOS). Counselors provide curricular instruction primarily through in class activities that are planned in cooperation with instructional faculty. Goals in these areas are also worked on through individual follow-up meetings. The counseling curriculum is implemented district wide with age appropriate activities at each grade level.


Community: Involving the community in the educational process is always a goal of successful school counselors. We work to build connections with community stakeholders, supportive agencies, parents, businesses, and the community at large. By working together we can all help to provide our students with the most comprehensive network of support to help them to achieve success in all aspects of their growth and development.

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