BOE Recognition Recipients

DFS Recognition
The Corfu-Pembroke Dollars For Scholars
was recognized as a Partner In Education
with the Pembroke Central School District.
For the last ten years, they have had a
significant impact on young people who
intend to continue their education. 

Recognized on December 10, 2019
Arron Brown, 6th grade teacher, was recognized for selfless
service to our students at the Intermediate School.  While
Lorenzo Alexander is considered a player who is a great
example of leadership on and off the field, Mr. Brown is a
great example of leadership in and out of the classroom.
Mr. Brown is creative, engaging, fun, goal oriented, loves a
challenge and is an "all in" teacher through and through.

Recognized November 12, 2019
BOE with Arron Brown
Letter to Lorenzo Alexander

Mr. Lorenzo Alexander of the Buffalo Bills was
recognized for his generous donations to

students at the Intermediate School, which
include tickets for winners of reading
contests, autographed memorabilia, Pink
"Shoot for the Cure" Game donations,
classroom pizza parties, bags filled with
school supplies for students of all
grade levels, etc. 
Mr. Lorenzo continues to help those not only
in the Buffalo area, but also here at
Pembroke.  He provides students with
experiences that they would otherwise
never have, and also provides supplies
continually to help students educationally.

Recognized on November 12, 2019
Christie Maisano was recognized for her diligence
and dedication as the Director of Technology.  She has been
crucial in updating old technology and implementing
new technology related ideas across the district.

Recognized on May 14, 2019

Christie Maisano
Norman (Chip) Foster was recognized for his
dedication as the Intermediate School
Principal.  An organization called "Better
Outcomes Research" sent a letter/certificate
to the Intermediate School for being in the
 top 19% of high-poverty schools who are experiencing boosting achievement results with economically disadvantaged students.  Mr. Calderón discussed the criteria for this nomination and awarded Mr. Foster
with a certificate for his diligence in earning
this achievement.

Recognized on April 25, 2019 
Jane Early was recognized for her dedication
as a High School English Teacher.  Dr. Work quoted,
"She is a leader in everything she does.  Everything she
touches, she takes to greatness."  Specifically in regards
to English, students head to college so 
much more 
prepared because of how well she teaches them.

Recognized on April 25, 2019
Reeves SRO Patrick Reeves was recognized for his
dedication as School Resource Officer for

the District.  He is a wonderful resource to
have in each of the buildings and to the
district as a whole.  Officer Reeves is
"home grown" and is a familiar face to many
students and staff.  His involvement in

complicated situations has been extremely
beneficial and students feel safer because
they know he is there.  Qualities surrounding
Officer Reeves include his protection, his
assistance with prevention, his purpose
and his proactive demeanor.  Officer
Reeves' presence helps promote good
decisions across the district!  A drawing
by UPK students was presented,
along with a certificate. 

Recognized on March 26, 2019 
The Board of Education recognized Jessie Abrams for being a recipient of the Silver and Gold Key Awards and for receiving
the Honorable Mention for your portfolio through
 the Scholastic
Art and Writing Awards Program. The Board also recognized
Faith DesRoches for taking third place at the University at
Buffalo's Western New York Regional High School Exhibition.

Recognized on March 26, 2019

 board Katie Dylag, Intermediate School Physical
Education Teacher, was recognized for her
work in organizing a professional development
day for regional Physical Education Teachers. 
This Professional development was held at Pembroke Intermediate School on our
January conference day.

Recognized on February 12, 2019 
 JoAnn Joyce was recognized for her dedication as an
employee in the Custodial Department at the
Intermediate Schoo

Recognized on December 11, 2018
JoAnn Joyce
Haney with BOE
 Peg Haney was recognized for her work with
Anneka Pray on the track team.

Recognized on November 13, 2018
 Justin Loeber, High School Social Studies teacher,
was recognized for his participation in the recent
Holocaust training. 

Recognized on November 1
3, 2018
Loeber with BOE
Donna Hackett

Donna Hackett, Transportation Supervisor, was
recognized for winning the New York Association
for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT) President's
Award!  Mrs. Hackett has been a long-time member
of NYAPT and recently served as its Treasurer. Her
involvement in this state level organization has
greatly benefited out District!

The NYAPT President's Award is given to recognize
those who have directly assisted the President in a
significant way to reach the organization's goals,
which continuously focus on improving student

Recognized on August 14, 2018

Triton Adamski, Kiara Santiago, and Nicholas
Ventola were recognized for their achievement in
completing all requirements of an Associates
 Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Natural
Sciences  through the STEM Accelerated Degree
Program at Genesee Community College.

Recognized on June 12, 2018 
Adamski, Ventola, and Santiago
Debbie Smith
 Debbie Smith, High School Teacher's Aide, was recognized for her dedication and diligence as an employee of the Pembroke Central School District.

Recognized on June 12, 2018
  Mrs. Gass' Class
Mrs. Gass' Class
 Mrs. Gass' Class
Mrs. Gass' Class
honor Coaches Seward and Shay
David Seward was recognized for being named
the Genesee Region Swim Coach of the Year
and Matt Shay was recognized for being named
Section V Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year.

 Teresa Bartz was recognized for her dedication
and diligence as a Teaching Assistant,
working among multiple grade le
and has served as an adviser for
extra-curricular clubs.

Recognized on April 10, 2018

Mrs. Bartz receiving her award
Brian Seweryniak recently earned the rank of
Eagle Scout. He shared his project of working
on the food building. Brian cleaned it out,
installed ceiling tiles, painted a mural,
added a shelving unit and benches.

Recognized April 10, 2018
 Justin Rodland, was recognized for his dedication,
flexibility and caring as a
Teaching Assistant.

Recognized on March 13, 20

eagle scout
Tyler Wood was recognized for obtaining his
Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts.  He shared
his project with the Board of Education,
which was renovation of bathrooms at
his church. 

Recognized on March 13, 2018

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