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We'll be Shooting For A Cure! on Thursday, January 10th vs.
Notre Dame​ in support of raising funds and awareness for cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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Shooting For A Cure! – Player Write-ups

Mackenzie Jurek [Senior]: To me, the annual breast cancer game is the most important game of the whole season. It raises money for a good cause and helps those who have fought and are still fighting. It is especially important to me because I lost my grandpa to lung cancer in 2012. It is also a good way to bring our community and team together. Seeing a community that’s so small work together and create something huge is truly amazing, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it. Everything that we do for the Pink Game gives us the opportunity to do something with basketball that is about more than winning or losing. We get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves by helping others and making a difference.

Unique Bryant [Senior]: The Shooting for a Cure! game has been an inspiration to me since I first participated last year.  The community gets the chance to fight alongside those who have fought or are still fighting cancer.  To see all the items donated by local families and businesses and the gym overflowing with people is truly touching.  Last year at the Pink Game, I honored my mom and gave her a rose. When I saw her cry after I gave her the rose, it made me realize it’s not just about the all the money we collect.  It’s about bringing people together and giving hope to those who are still fighting. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful event.

Megan Conibear [Junior]: The Pink Game is important to many people. Not only does it help others, but it creates an opportunity for people to be a part of something that is so much bigger than themselves. People throughout the community come together to help such an amazing cause. The way that everyone wants to help in any way is so heartwarming. The time and effort that goes into pulling off an event as successful as the Shooting for a Cure!  game seem like nothing compared to the outcome of the event. Supporting this cause is so important, and recognizing the people who have battled cancer brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Being able to be a part of this event means so much because, in the long run, it’s not about us, it’s about all of the people who could be treated or cured.

Mackenna Johnson [Junior]: Just thinking about our annual Shooting for a Cure!  game gets my heart racing; I get butterflies. This game has impacted me immensely. It has showed me that there are bigger things than just me and basketball. I’ve realized how many people are affected by cancer, especially in our own community. It’s amazing how our community can come together to show love and support for others. If it’s donations, a gift basket, or just hanging up flyers, seeing our community members help out in any way they can is inspiring. The Shooting for a Cure! game has united our community. Seeing friends, family, and other community members having a good time on the night of the game always makes me feel good. Knowing that we are making a difference in everyone’s lives is why this game is important to me.

Dekari Moss [Junior]: Every year I get so excited for the Pink Game. Over the years, I have grown from being one of the little kids running around in all my pink gear to finally participating in the game that means the most to me. We have lost too many people who have suffered from this horrible disease, and we pray for the ones who are battling. This game is probably the most touching game I have ever experienced. It makes me so happy to know I am playing something that I love and raising money for a great cause! I love when our community comes together and everyone wears pink I love when people are just there to support the team, to support our cause, and to have a great time. Although this night may be emotional, the game is fun to be a part of and I’m glad that I can continue to play in support of such a great cause!

Brianna Rindell [Junior]: This will be my first year participating in the shooting for a cure game as a varsity player. It has been amazing watching this event grow each year and seeing how willing everyone in the community is to help out. So many families are affected by cancer, and this event brings everyone together to help honor their stories. Being a part of this is such an amazing experience because it lets us focus on something much larger than ourselves. It amazes me each year how our small community can have such a large impact. I can’t wait to see what we will do this year.

Casey Wurtz [Junior]: This will be my third year participating in the Shooting For a Cure! game as a varsity player. This event that started out so small continues to amaze me each year. Not only does it bring our community together, but it reminds those still fighting they are not alone It celebrates those who won their battle, and it honors those who did not. This game is especially important to me because of those it has affected in my family. Three of my aunts have had cancer, and while two have beaten it, one passed away. Seeing how strong all of them were and continue to be is beyond words. Right now my biggest motivation is my grandma who was recently diagnosed. She is just one of the countless amazing people who are undeservingly afflicted with this awful disease. Too many families have to go through similar situations. This game has not only accomplished raising an unbelievable amount of money towards research, but it has brought people together and creates something positive out of such an unfair situation. I look forward to seeing what my team, alongside our community, can accomplish this year.

Serene Calderon [Sophomore]: I started participating in the Pink Game two years ago as an 8th grader. Back then it was just a cool event that our school did. I truly didn’t understand the significance. I personally haven’t watched anyone in my family go through the fight with cancer. However recently I’ve watched as cancer has affected my friends. It’s hard to sit back and watch as members of friends’ families struggle against cancer. This is where the Pink Game comes in. I get to be a part of one of the most impactful and inspirational events ever. I get to help bring my community and my team together to raise money for a great cause. It’s incredible to me how such a small school and community can come together and make such a big difference in the lives of many. The best part is watching how the game grows every season. It’s a humbling experience, and I’m so grateful to be able to be involved and be alongside my team, community, and the strong survivors and fighters against cancer.

Emily Peters [Sophomore]: The Shooting for a Cure! game is important to me because I can help raise money for cancer research. Cancer has affected a few people in my family, and I’m glad that I can help find a cure that will save many lives in the future. It’s a great feeling to know that I can make a difference and potentially improve so many people’s lives.

Allie Schwerthoffer [Freshman]: The annual Shooting for a Cure! game is something I have been attending since I was a young kid, but my view of the event has completely changed. I have now seen people I care about fighting with my own eyes, and it is an entirely different experience than just hearing about it. My next door neighbor, Dixie Rudolph, has always been a grandmother to me. She is one of my greatest role models, and she fought against breast cancer and won. My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gene live across from me, and my aunt fought breast cancer and also won, and I watched my uncle battle prostate cancer and end up losing to it in the end. Hearing that there is nothing that can be done make me feel helpless, and my heart just dropped. This game gives me a reason to have hope, a reason to fight, and it gives me a purpose, knowing that my team and I are doing something to help a lot of people.

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