Pembroke Central School District wins another PEP Grant!

Pembroke Central School District wins another PEP Grant!
Posted on 09/30/2016
healthIt brings amazing joy to announce that the Pembroke Central School District, in partnership with the Alexander Central School District, will initiate “PALS for Healthy Lifestyles” after winning another US Department of Education Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant! The full name of our project is “Pembroke and ALexander Schools for Healthy Lifestyles,” and only 5% of organizations that applied for the PEP nationwide received awards. We are super excited to report we were awarded over $1.8 Million to invest over a three year period!

PALS for Healthy Lifestyles will address the physical and nutritional needs of both districts by implementing nutrition education at the elementary level, adding hands-on practical components to nutrition education at the secondary level, shifting to a lifelong fitness-focused PE curriculum, and adopting a comprehensive school physical activity program.

Between the two districts this project will provide services to at least 5 project sites and nearly 1,800 students. This program will introduce new equipment, new lessons for students, enhanced education for individualized fitness plans, partnering with various community organizations to maximize services provided to students, and age appropriate nutritional education for students.

Through the implementation of PALS for Healthy Lifestyles, we plan to improve the overall health and wellness of students, starting with education at the primary level, and encouraging a continuation of the developed skills through adulthood. We plan to implement research-based standards-aligned curriculum, to increase students’ daily physical activity levels and overall fitness, and to increase students’ consumption of recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Special thanks to the following:

 Thank you to Rosalie Mangino-Crandall, President and CEO of Insight Grants Development, LLC. Rosalie and her husband became Pembroke residents with children in our District, and she wrote the grant for us… free of charge!

 Thank you Bryan Tripp, Health Teacher, and Aaron Burch, Athletic Director, for stepping up to lead our team in collaborating with Rosalie to prepare our PEP grant application! Thank you also to all the individuals on the team for all the great ideas!

 Thank you to the Alexander School District and our community partners including Personal Touch Food Services, GLOW YMCA, Town of Pembroke, Genesee County Health Department, Pembroke Youth Association, Pembroke Soccer Club, and Insight Grants Development that will contribute toward building capacity and ensuring sustainability. All partners will designate a representative to participate on a PEP Advisory Board, promote the project to the greater community, and fulfill other roles as identified in the grant application.

More information will be forthcoming as we continue the adventure!

With a thankful heart,

Matthew E. Calderón, Superintendent
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